Caliens camera with filters

  • 2048 pixels linear CCD sensor Adjustable Integration time Software and filters provided
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Data sheet Caliens camera with filters


Composed of an optical head interfaced and powered directly with the computer via USB, this CCD camera allows the sampling and operation of luminous patterns through an easy to use software, integrating a series of sliders that allow to easily perform measurements. The necessary filters to limit the saturation phenomena due to lasers are provided in this pack.Achievable manipulations: - Diffraction study - Interferences decomposition - Sampling of luminous patterns - Spectral width ...


Pack complet comprenant:
- Caméra Caliens Lycée (réf. 202 805)
- Lot de 4 filtres (réf. 202 868)
Practical themes Diffraction & interferences
Type of accessories Detectors & cameras
Type of component Optical detector

Other Specifications

Capteur CCD : linéaire 2048 pixels
Fixation : tige inox Ø 10 mm
Bague filetée : pour adaptation des accessoires (filtre de densité et/ou polariseurs fournis dans ce pack).
Livré avec câble USB et logiciel compatible Windows.

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