Cardiovascular and ventilatory system

  • A selected microscopic slide in the Nublat range, to guarantee the highest quality
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Data sheet Cardiovascular and ventilatory system


NUBLAT preparations come from attentive care and rigorous controls, through the manufacturing process:

- Very fine cut, for an easy examination,
- Light coloration, for highlighting the different elements.


8 préparations microscopiques :
- Artère et artériole,
- Artère et veine,
- Coeur de souris en coupe longitudinale totale,
- Coeur de souris en coupe transversale totale,
- Artère (aorte) avec athérome, homme,
- Poumon, sain, homme (témoin),
- Poumon, fumeur, homme,
- Hématies libres, forme biconcave vue en 3D.