CCD HD sensor

  • Accurate: 3648 pixels module, 16 bits of vertical resolution Easy to use: comprehensive embedded educational software Ready to use: software, filters and connectors supplied
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Data sheet CCD HD sensor


This device allows to study the light intensity received by the CCD sensor depending on the position (in pixels or mm) or the time. The high sensor resolution limits the phenomena of saturation and noise. For diffraction and interferences PW, it is thus possible to visualize the side lobes without saturating the main lobe. The embedded software simplifies the use of the equipment to devote to experiments. It deploys automatically on your computer when the sensor is connectedThe acquisition is guided in two modes: - intensity depending on the position, for diffraction and interferences PW for example-Intensity depending on time for a determined part of the sensor Many tools are thus available to process the curves obtained: pointer, modeling, spreadsheet, report... All the necessary accessories for its use are provided: filters to limit the saturation, power, cables and rod Ø 10 mm for maximum compatibility with the optical benches and stands.
Practical themes Diffraction & interferences
Thématique Lycée Optique, Ondes/Doppler
Type of accessories Detectors & cameras
Type of component Optical detector
Type of product Optique

Other Specifications

Capteur : 3648 pixels
Résolution verticale : 16 bits ; 65 536 niveaux
Pas du capteur : 8 µm
Filtres fournis: 1 filtre de densité 3 et 1 filtre polariseur
Support de filtres : bague magnétique Clix
Logiciel : embarqué, ouverture automatique sur PC à la connexion. Type Atelier Scientifique, compatiblité XP, Vista, Seven, 8 - 32 et 64 bits
Sortie : interface USB 2.0

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