Chladni plates (pack of 2)

  • Easy to set up
  • Concept of spatial wavelength
  • Observation and direct measurement of wavelengths
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Data sheet Chladni plates (pack of 2)


Plates can show the propagation of sound waves in solids (Chladni figures).
To be adapted on the Melde vibrator with membrane.

Fix a plate on the Melde vibrator with membrane.
Sprinkle the plate with grains of salt.
The vibrator transmits the vibrations to the plate, which acts on the salt grains.
These grains organise themselves by forming geometrical figures: they are ejected from the regions where the amplitude is highest and collect along the nodal lines (places where the vibration amplitude is low or nil).
The distance between two nodal lines gives the magnitude of the half wavelength.
The use of two plates shows that the spatial frequency diminishes with the thickness of the plate.


Pack of 2 plates of thicknesses 0.5 and 1 mm.