Chromatids / chromosome set

  • • Stages of chromosomes during mitosis and formation of reproductive cells
  • • Easy-to-handle magnetic raised elements
  • • Coating for dry-erasable markers
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Data sheet Chromatids / chromosome set


The genes or alleles can be schematized according to the desired uses, either with a dry erase felt or with a permanent felt to preserve annotations from one class to another.
The cell wall is represented by flexible bands making it possible to simulate the division of the cytoplasm.
The chromatids attach themselves to each other by means of a non-visible magnetization system at the level of the centromere.


- 14 sticks:
Long autosomes: 4
Short autosomes: 4
X Chromosomes: 4
Y Chromosomes: 2
- 2 cellular contours

Delivered with a detailed notice with photocopiable support.