Cineris software

  • The software all in one for the study of mechanics via video Comprehensive software bringing together all the tools for the video capture and the exploitation of data Obtaining automatically the motions data (curves, value tables) Compatible with a webcam for a comprehensive equipment at the best value
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Data sheet Cineris software


With Cinéris, few clicks are enough to build and operate a scientific video sequence. Video tool: Used to control the video capture, to achieve the editing and processing (automatic, frame by frame, chronophotography) until obtaining a curve. Graphical tool: Allows viewing the curves obtained after the process: x(t), y(t), y(x), or after calculating: x'(t), y'(t), v(t), ... Examples: - perform a graphical modeling of your experimental curves -draw the velocity and acceleration vectors The table (Spreadsheet): The general features of the table are identical to those in most spreadsheets: - visualization of experimental values acquired or calculated - calculating values through operations or functions -interactivity with the graph (changes effect) It can be used for example to solve a differential equation with Euler method. The report : Oce the results are obtained, use this function to prepare the PW sheets or ask the students to write their PW report. The help: Accessing an online help to obtain information on the features of the software.

Other Specifications

Logiciel didactique : Cédérom version établissement

Configuration nécessaire :
- Windows 98, ME, 2000Pro ou XP
- Internet Explorer 4.01 ou supérieur
- Pentium 166, Mémoire vive de 64 Mo
- Carte vidéo 800 x 600 minimum.
- Logiciel 32 bits livré sur cédérom
- Logiciel déployable lors d'une installation en réseau.

Acquisition vidéo :
- Avec une webcam : la performance dépend de la configuration Ordinateur/Webcam/Logiciels résidents.
- Avec une source vidéo PAL/SECAM (caméra, caméscope, magnétoscope) : connexion à une carte de numérisation compatible "video for Windows" (Miro DC10...) supportant le format avi.