Clix LCD Polarisation pack

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Data sheet Clix LCD Polarisation pack


Practical exercises that can be performed:
- Structure of an electromagnetic wave.
- Wave delay.
- Production/analysis of polarised light.
- Determination of the concentration of a solution from the deviation from the polarisation plane.
- Study of a liquid crystal display (LCD).

The equipment in this pack is to be used on an optical bench accepting accessories mounted on Ø 10 mm rod.
A photometer on a rod Ø 10 mm and a lens f +200 mm (see associated products) are required.


- 3 graduated Clix components
- 2 polarisers mounted on Clix ring
- 1 strip λ/4 and 1 strip λ/2 mounted on Clix ring
- 1 LCD system with mount
- 1 enclosure for liquids + support
- 1 green Paton filter (slide)
Practical themes LCD polarization
Type of accessories Set of materials for practicals, Stands

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