Combustions plate for Serenit electric beak®

  • Easily passing the college programs manipulations with the Serenit handling plates®
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Data sheet Combustions plate for Serenit electric beak®


This plate is reliably and easily positioned on Serenit electric beak®.Its flat shape guarantees an excellentvisibility of the phenomena studied during the manipulations performed by theteacher.The ledge prevents the flows of products outside of the plates.For additional security, it is possible to place the removable protective grill on the beak in order to totally prohibit access the hot zone.This accessory allows performing metal powders combustions and collecting the combustion residues for later observation.
Burner model Sérénit®

Other Specifications

Plaque en acier inoxydable.
Épaisseur : 1 mm.
Dimensions (l x h x p) : 85 x 20 x 90 mm.
Trou latéral de Ø 30 mm.