Compact molecular models 42 atoms

  • Large modelsKit to study the combustion: - of carbon (complete and incomplete) - of methane - of butane
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Data sheet Compact molecular models 42 atoms


This set allows studying all the reactions mentioned in the 8th grade program.In the case of carbon and methane combustion, the reagents and products are available in larger quantities than the amount required to balance the reactions. Thus, the composition of the box does not guide the student into finding the solution.


Elément Couleur Diamètre Faces Quantités Fonctions
Hydrogène Blanc 30 mm 1 mâle
   1 femelle 2 CH4,H2O
Carbone Noir 40 mm 0 2 C élémentaire
   1 2 CO
   2 2 CO2
   4 4 CH4, C4H10
Oxygène Rouge 40 mm 1 mâle 8 O2, CO, CO2
   1 femelle 4 O2
   2 4 H2O

Ensemble de 42 atomes livrés dans un coffret.
Type Medium size model