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Data sheet Complete Laplace rail


The mobile marked disc is placed on the rail.
When a current is passed through the rail, the
disc will rotate through interaction with magnetic
fi eld B, thus demonstrating the Laplace
Specifi cations
Power supply: 15 V; 2.5 A recommended.
Connections: Ø 4 mm safety banana sockets.
Dimensions: 200 x 65 x 43 mm.
Dimensions of magnet: 95 x 52 x 26 mm.
Delivered with U-shaped magnet composed of
marked ferrite.
Theme: human histology Laplace force
Type of product Models

Other Specifications

Alimentation : 15 V ; 2,5 A conseillés
Connexions : douilles bananes de sécurité Ø 4 mm.
Dimensions : 200 x 65 x 43 mm.
Dimensions aimant : 95 x 52 x 26 mm.
Livré avec aimant en U constitué de ferrites avec repères.

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