Complete mechanical bench

  • This graduated bench is equipped to be positioned horizontally or inclined.
  • 3 sights are provided to avoid parallax errors (for the video study)
  • It can be used with a datalogging system.
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Data sheet Complete mechanical bench


This complete Mechanics Bench allows the study of a large number of
experiments based on motions in translation or parabolic, such as:

- Motion of a carriage by different ways of propulsion
(spring, constant force, manual action...)
- Collision between 2 carriages (conservation of motion quantity)
- Determination of speed vectors and acceleration vectors during a
uniform or accelerated motion of a carriage.
- Determination of the mechanics, kinetics and potential energies
- Ballistics thanks to the provided launcher (study of parabolic motions)


- 1 graduated bench - 1,2 m length (Adjustable stands with stop block)
- 1 carriage with exploder, secured to avoid it falls down
- 1 ballistic launcher
- 1 device for the fixation of the launcher on a table.
- 1 set of fixing accessories (for fork and free fall rod)
- 1 pulley on stand.
- 1 string for pulley.
- 1 ground to be fixed on the carriage.
- 2 rods (15x15 mm) with 1 printed + bolts.
- 3 Modumontage®.Vise grips
- 3 sights
Computerization of measurements Data logging, Video
Type of device Bench
Type of experiment Collisions, Inclined plane, Parabolic

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