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Rigid bench made of aluminium profile, equipped with
a side graduation, on which you can position accessories thanks to fixation
clips.Three colored survey rods placed in the trajectory's plane. The bench can be inclined by
using a lab-jack (not supplied). Supplied with a multi-purpose trolley, moving with very few frictions.


- 1 bench fitted with stand and end stops,
- 1 multi-purpose trolley with end-piece and exploder,
- 1 ballistic launcher, ref 332 047,
- 1 set of 3 balls ref. 332 048,
- 1 complete set of accessories (for pulley, trigger, bench
inclination, Galileo's experiment,...),
- 1 set of 3 aiming marks (markers for video acquisition allowing parallax errors to be overcome).
Computerization of measurements Data logging, Video
Type of device Bench
Type of experiment Parabolic, Collisions, Inclined plane
Type of product Mécanique

Other Specifications

Specifications: Bench
dimensions:120 x 12 x 8 cm.Bench's mass:about 2.6
kg.Trolley's mass:about 330 g.
Contents:- 1 bench equipped with stands and stops,- 1 trolley with
terminal ends and exploder,- 1 launcher,- 1 set of 3 balls,- 1 set
of 3 survey rods,- 1 set of fixation accessories,- 1 instruction booklet
with experiments.