Connexio thermometer

  • Ideal on the field or in the classroom
  • Suitable size and protection for college students
  • Embedded software
  • Designed for collaborative work
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Data sheet Connexio thermometer


Direct measurement reading
Tablet connection

Why Connexio ?
The arrival of tablets to colleges changes the practices and requires renewing the equipment to make it compatible. However, in everyday life, the experimental practice remains essential based on activities such as, for example, taking measures.

It is from this observation that Jeulin has developed Connexio, an instrument that combines a large display for the direct visualization of the measures and a wireless connection to view, record and process your data directly on a tablet.

Connexio is a measuring instruments range that suits your needs!

The Easy-Connect system facilitates the connection on tablet and promotes teamwork
Easy-Connect: the easy digital thanks to Jeulin
Your work and that of your students should not be polluted by technical problems related to the software connections and downloads.
In order to meet this issue which is a major factor for the success of your PW, Jeulin created the Easy-Connect system:
- a simplified WiFi connection integrated to Connexio
- embedded software that is automatically downloaded to the tablet without using the Internet, and safely

Simple, fast, for a guaranteed tranquility !!!

1- No application to install
Whether on your tablet or those of your students, no application is to install. You have direct access to the measure without going through a "store". The software, free, runs automatically once your tablet is connected to Connexio.

2- Connexio for multiple tablets
Up to 5 tablets can simultaneously connect to the same measuring instrument. This allows to easily work in groups, and everyone to visualize the values.

3- A complete, perfect system for digital measurement
Visualize, save and process your results with the free software. The student progresses step by step from taking the measurements to drawing curves passing through the data table.
Output USB, Wifi
Probe Type Remote probe
Temperature range -50 to +150 °C
Type of product Instrumentation - Mesure

Other Specifications

Ready-to-use device: built-in temperature probee

Range: -50°C to + 150 °C
90 % response time : 15 s
Accuracy : 1 %

Requires battery power (3x1.5V AA) or micro USB power supply ref. 281218 (not included).