Crosslinked polymer synthesis kit


Data sheet Crosslinked polymer synthesis kit


This kit of breakable bulbs allows manufacturing very simply the Slime®.This crosslinkedpolymer has amazing properties that students can observe after having performed their synthesis.Concepts covered: crosslinking, polymerization (fluorescence).


20 easy open ampoules - 10 mL of polyvinyl alcohol
10 easy open ampoules - 10 mL of Borax
10 easy open ampoules - 1.5 mL of fluorescein (used to color the Slime®)

Requires a small beaker (max. 50 mL) and a glass stirrer for its synthesis.
Keep it in a closed container (not supplied) to prevent drying.
Practical themes Synthesis, Materials
Theme: human histology Materials
Type of product Physique-Chimie, Chimie