Curved optical fibre

  • Developed specifically to observ light trajectory with a laser 1mW
  • Total reflection
  • Link to medical fibroscopy
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Data sheet Curved optical fibre


This fiber model permits, thanks to a laser beam, to show total reflections in an optical fiber almost without loss. Its incurved shape demonstrate the capacity to transmit information despite its form. So that, a link can be made with medical fibroscopy used in medical diagnosis. Its exclusive material permits to highlight laser beams trajectories (do not necissitate a laser sheet). Good results can be obtained with a 1mW laser.
Practical themes Optical fiber & transmission of information, Reflection / refraction
Propagation medium Optical fiber
Transmission source Laser
Type of product Optique, Physique-Chimie

Other Specifications

Dimensions: 200 x 20 x 10 mm