Cyanobacteria kit for stromatolites formation


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Data sheet Cyanobacteria kit for stromatolites formation


This kit allows, in the final scientific baccalaureate year concerning the theme of past climates, to highlight the principle of fossil stromatolites formation by observing the behavior of current cyanobacteria in carbon-based medium. The Precambrian fossil stromatolites are laminar structures formed by organisms with aerobic photosynthesis. The current cyanobacteria are closest to these organisms, they are capable of forming such structures by trapping carbonate material. In this manipulation, we will cultivate the cyanobacteria in two medium: a control culture in a standard growth medium, and a culture in carbone midieumAfter 3 days, we note the appearance of crystals in the carbon medieum: an observation in polarized light can bring out the calcitic character of the deposit produced by the cyanobacteria activity Storage: This kit is stored at room temperature. Upon receipt: -Slightly loosen the cap to allow gas exchange, but without removing the cap - Store in light (avoid direct sunlight), storage 3- 5 days in these conditions, in quiet area to avoid contamination. For longer storage: - Transfer to a sterile vial with a volume greater than 60 ml, for example 125 ml, in order to obtain a sufficient exchange surface with air -Plug using a carded sterile cord. -For a storage of 2 to 3 weeks, add to your bottle about 30 ml of the BG11 1x medium. For this, collect 600 μl in the microtube BG 11 50x + 30 ml of sterile water or simply spring water (low mineral) in unopened bottle.


Pour 15 binômes :

Cyanobactéries : 60 mL.
Milieu croissance à diluer
Milieu carbonaté à diluer
Boîtes de pétri stériles : 55 (2x15)
Pipettes stériles : 1 mL et 10 mL

Conservation : 1 mois
Theme Environment
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