DC 125 mobile viewer

Connectique sortie USB 2.0
Connexion sans fil posible (en option)
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Data sheet DC 125 mobile viewer


Wireless option:The wireless module allows connecting the viewer to the computer via WiFi. Its 6 hours battery life and its 15-meter reach allow free use throughout the classroom.Ultra-fluid videos:The capture rate of 30 frames per second, is very fast even in high-resolution quality. It allows the viewer to capture all the movements details, even the beat of a butterfly's wings, with perfect fluidity.A great image:The professional image sensor used in the DC 125 viewer provides a high-quality image such as the fixed viewers: low noise, full HD resolution and vivid colors.Powerful features:As on the fixed viewers, very practical control buttons are integrated on the viewer base.A USB cable:The USB cable (8 m) is sufficient to power and connect the DC 125 viewer to the computer. Thus, no need to bother with unnecessary cables.Autofocus hands free:A quick auto-focus is carried out continuously by the DC 125 viewer, thanks to a new treatment algorithm in order to get the best picture quality without disrupting the presenter or his audience.Seamless gooseneck:The joint is, over time, the weak point of most gooseneck cameras. Through an innovative design, the gooseneck of the DC 125 Lumens viewer possesses none, which makes it highly reliable. You can observe the objects from any angle, from near and far.Colors optimization:When the illumination of an object changes, the image quality is changed, sometimes degraded. The color optimization function ("Auto Tune") of the DC 125 viewer allows, in one-click, to optimize the clarity, brightness and color settings in light of the environment, so that the image is perfect.


Définition native 2048 x 1536 pixels (QXGA). Obtenue avec un capteur d'image professionnel d'excellente qualité qui permet une reproduction fidèle et « chaude » des couleurs et des détails,

Vidéos Full HD, ultra-fluides grâce à une fréquence de capture rapide (30 images par seconde),

Livré avec un câble USB de 3 m, pour un usage facile partout dans la salle de cours.

Zoom mécanique (8x),

Micro incorporé au visualiseur (enregistrements vidéos sonores possibles),

Plug and play (il suffit de brancher la caméra du visualiseur pour que le pilote se charge automatiquement, sans installation nécessaire),

Pilote universel compatible avec les logiciels pour tableau interactif du marché (eBeamTM, PrometheanTM, SmartTM, Hitachi StarboardTM...),

Nouvelle version du logiciel complet de traitement, d'annotation et d'enregistrement des visuels « Coccinelle » (Ladibug),

En option, un support wi-fi qui permet au visualiseur de communiquer sans fil avec le PC (nous consulter).
Adaptors for microscopy En option : réf. 571409
Built-in memory -
Definition 3 Mpixels
Dimensions of shot 420 x 315 mm
External memory -
Frame per second (images / seconde) 30 images / seconde
Illumination Yes
Max. resolution 2048 x 1536
Output connection USB 2.0
Power supply Port USB 2.0
Sensor CMOS
Warranty 5 year
Zoom -
Zoom numérique 8x

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