• Etude de la déviation des électrons par un champ magnétique ou électrique
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Data sheet Deflectron


This device is particularly adapted to the electron
probe in a E electric field. It is also possible to study the conjugation of an
electric and magnetic field.DescriptionThe Ø 127 mm vacuum tube is made up of an
electron gun (filament + anode), a mica screen, and 2 plates for the electric
deflection. The mica screen is covered with a fluorescent material. It is
positionned tangentially to the electron probe and enables you to materialize
its path. The fork supporting the tube can swivel, enabling thus a rotation of
the tube, and of the electron probe, toward the magnetic field.The Ø 140 mm
coils admit a 1A intensity under 12 V (up to 1.8 A during a time period < 10
mn). Supplied with instructions.
Guarantee : 2 years (except for the tube : 1


1 vacuum tube Ø 127 mm composed of: 1 electron gun
(filament + anode), 1 mica screen, covered with a fluorescent
substance to show the thin beam of electrons, 1 swivelling support fork.
2 coils Ø 140 mm on support accepting a current of 1 A under 12 V (up to 1.8 A for t < 10 mn).

Other Specifications


- 1 vacuum tube, ø
127 mm.
- 2 Helmholtz coils, ø 140 mm.
- 1 coil and tube
Supplied with adapters for 4 mm safety plugs.

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