DELio binocular time-lapse microscopy®

  • Robust and ergonomicStandalone through its rechargeable battery Super-LED Lighting with adjustable intensityPower cable tidy integrated to the standThe comfort of the binocular head
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Data sheet DELio binocular time-lapse microscopy®


DELio®, to perfectly meet the requirements of your teaching: - Great stability of the stand,- Egonomics: through its curved shape and the head tilt at 30°,-Standalonethrough its rechargeable battery (can also be used connected with its integrated transformer),- Turret facing the backto facilitate the access to the deck and manipulate freely,- With asuper-LED lighting 1 W of adjustable intensity ensuring a low power consumption and a white light,-With low position of the fine and coarse adjustment knobs,- With an integrated power cable tidy allowing the microscope storage and transport without problem.Product advantagesIts unique design protects the knobs from any damage: head rotation at 180 ° to reduce congestion and allow easy storage. It allows aneasy handling at the top of the stand.The power cable tidyintegrated to the stand allows storage and transportation without causing problems to the microscope.A blue LED at the center of the cable tidy allows the teacher to visualize the device powering.
Condenser D'Abbe 1,25 réglable en hauteur avec diaphragme à iris et porte-filtre
Eyepiece camera USB - 2 Mp
Eyepieces x10 grand champ (dont un avec pointeur)
Focusing Par commandes micrométrique et macrométrique coaxiales
Head Binoculaire, inclinée à 30°, avec caméra intégrée
Head Binocular
Illumination LED
Magnification x40 to x1,000
Model DELio
Objectives Achromatiques
Sur tourelle 4 places inversée
x4 / x10 / x40 (rétractable) / x100 (rétractable, à immersion)
Power supply Par transformateur intégré et batterie rechargeable
Stage Rectangulaire 132 x 142 mm avec surplatine à commandes coaxiales, course 75 x 40 mm avec vernier
Système d'exploitation Windows 7 (32 et 64 bits)
Type of product Observation
Éclairage (détails) LED réglable par molette séparée de l'interrupteur