DELio® monocular microscope with clamp

  • Robust and ergonomicStandalone through its rechargeable battery Super-LED Lighting with adjustable intensityPower cable tidy integrated to the standClamp stage to simply observe
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Data sheet DELio® monocular microscope with clamp


The microscope DELio®, is: - Great stability of the stand,- Egonomics: curved shape and head tilt at 30°,-Standalone : rechargeable battery (can also be used connected with its integrated transformer),- Turret facing the back: facilitates access to the deck and manipulate freely,- Super-LED lighting 1 W adjustable intensity: low power consumption and white light,- Low position of fine and coarse adjustment knobs,- Integrated power cable tidy: microscope storage and transport without problem. Also available inbinocular version, see page. For atime lapse microscopy use, see pages 327, andpolarization, see page.Product advantages // stereography
Condenser Lentille condensatrice 0,65
Diaphragm À iris avec porte-filtre
Eyepieces x10 grand champ
Focusing Par commandes micrométrique et macrométrique coaxiales
Head Monoculaire, orientable sur 360°, inclinée à 30°
Head Monocular
Illumination LED
Magnification x40 to x400
Model DELio
Objectives Achromatiques
Sur tourelle inversée 4 places
x4 / x10 / x40 (rétractable)
Objectives x4 - x10 - x40
Power supply Par transformateur intégré et batterie rechargeable
Stage Rectangulaire 120 x 130 mm avec valets
Type of objectives Achromatic
Type of product Observation
Éclairage (détails) LED réglable par molette séparée de l'interrupteur