Demineralizer with DISTIPLUS ASD cartridge

  • Compact device for the production of demineralized waterWith conductivity meter cartridge and wall mounting
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Data sheet Demineralizer with DISTIPLUS ASD cartridge


Comprehensive DistiPlus deminalizer with conductivity meter cartridge and wall mountingNo storage With the DISTIPLUS you have the option at any time to have pure demineralized water. Flow 60 liters/hour. Resin volume: 2 liters.Quality and controlA 220 V analog conductivity meter enabling a permanent display of the processed water quality.No maintenance The single use resine cartridge is easily replaceable.Easy and fast installation Secure the unit to the wall with 2 screws. Connect the water inlet connection 21/27 mm at the bottom of the cartridge. Connect the conductivity meter plug. Open the valve to obtain the pure demineralized water. Supplied with flexible and flow limiter. Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
Débit (l/h) 50

Other Specifications

Débit maximum : 50 L / H.
Volume résine : 2 L.
Capacité d'échange à 10° TDS (équivalent à 300 µS/cm) : 450 L.
Qualité eau pure : 0.1 - 20 µS/cm.
Température maximum de l'eau : 30 °C.
Alimentation électrique : 230 V / 50-60 Hz, 10 VA.
Hauteur et diamètre (avec conductivimètre) : 600 x 100 mm.
Hauteur et diamètre cartouche seule : 435 x 100 mm.
Profondeur : 115 mm.
Matériau : Polyéthylène.
Raccordement : R 3/4".
Poids : 3 Kg.