Device for the study of gas compressibility

  • 2 en 1 : étude de la compressibilité et mesure de pression
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Data sheet Device for the study of gas compressibility


Made up of a graduated syringe fitted with a stop
valve and a male quick coupler, this device enables one to perform
experiments in a very easy way. Indeed, the stop valve, located on the
output of the syringe allows you to compress an air volume without having to
seal the syringe with the finger.The male quick-coupler located at the
end of the tubing is compatible with the adapter for dial manometer to perform
pressure measurements.
Practical themes Properties of matter
Theme: human histology Pressure
Thématique Collège Pression - Propriétés de la matière

Other Specifications


60 mL
graduated syringe.
Stop valve made of plastic material.
Tubing made of
soft and transparent vervyl 4 x 6 mm, length: 300 mm.
Male quick
Supplied with user's guide.