Didactic digital oscilloscope Iniscope® by Jeulin Two channels, option VGA

  • Oscilloscope pédagogique adapté à l'apprentissageTechnologie numérique moderne simplifiéeFace avant didactisée en françaisBornes d'entrées sur douilles de sécurité Ø 4 mm
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Data sheet Didactic digital oscilloscope Iniscope® by Jeulin Two channels, option VGA


The oscilloscope is a visualization tool: you have here the largest screen in its class.
- Color screen containing all relevant information.
- No submenu to not disturb the understanding.
- Automatic triggering.
- Measurements using cursors.
- Help function lockable or not by the teacher.
- Shot mode.
- Possibility to freeze a curve, especially to capture aperiodic or very slow phenomenons (up to 100 s per frame).
- Contrast setting on the front face.
- Lockable Auto set and measurement cursors.

A front face at your service:

- Colored areas for an easy identification.
- Front face in your language.
- No unnecessary buttons, only the essential.
- Clear and simplified menus.
- No adapter needed.
- Normalized inputs to accept your Ø 4 mm safety leads.
- USB port.
- Software supplied.
Bandwidth 25 MHz
Input sensitivity 5 mV à 5 V
Interface VGA, USB 2.0
Memory size 6 Ko
Mémoire 2 x 6 k
Number of channels 2
One-shot sampling rate 100 Méch/s
Screen Color
Screen size 7,8"
Technology Digital

Other Specifications

Width: 10 cm
Weight: 1 kg.
No adapter needed.
25 MHz bandwidth
1 or 2 channel
Memory: 1 x 6 k or 2 x 6 k
Sensitivity: 5 mV to 5 V / div
Base time: 5 ns to 100 s / div
Real-time sampling: 100 MS / s
Rise Time: 14 ns
Maximum input voltage: 300 VDC + peak AC
Input Impedance: 1 MÙ / 20 pF
Recording: 6000 points / channel
Vertical resolution: 8 bits
Trigger shot or automatic
Mathematical functions: addition or subtraction
XY mode
USB interface