Didactic thermal cycler - 9 tubes- PCR


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Data sheet Didactic thermal cycler - 9 tubes- PCR


Designed by Jeulin, this highly economical thermal cycler opens up the molecular biology to your students.
The PCR is no longer reserved only for engineers and scientists. With the T9 thermal cycler and the experimental kits developed by Jeulin, the gene amplification, the most emblematic activity of biotechnology, becomes possible even in high schools.
For teaching purposes, this educational device has been designed for the students to realize themselves the whole sampling, programming, process monitoring handling.
Compact, it has a particularly simple navigation. Fitted with a tested PCR thermal technology, performances are however close to a laboratory equipment.
This innovative and practical thermal cycler will allow you to carry out many practical works.
Data transfer Câble USB
Dimensions (L x l x H) (mm) 225 x 140 x 100 mm
Nombre de blocs 1
Nombre de puits par bloc 9
Nombre max. de programmes personnalisables illimités
Nombre max. de programmes stockés 8
Packaging 1
Précision d'affichage 0,1°C
Précision de température à 55°C ±0,2 °C
Screen 128 x 64 mm
Temperature range 1 à 99°C
Type of product Biologie

Other Specifications

Screen and knob for displaying and programming cycles
Capacity: 9 microtubes of 0.2 mL
Screen: 128 x 64
Dimensions: 225 x 140 x 100 mm

Number of stored programs: 3
Number of possible temperature cycles: from 1 to 99
Temperature range: from 6°C up to 99 °C
Display accuracy: 0.1°C
Regulation accuracy: ± 0.2 °C

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