Diode bridge and capacitor module

  • Wave rectification, current smoothing: a set with all the guarantees of robustness
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Data sheet Diode bridge and capacitor module


This module consists of a diode bridge supporting a current up to 5 A that can be connected to the high-capacity capacitor (2 200 uF) using a single security jumper (supplied). The set is wellprotected by a transparent housing having in silkscreen printing the symbolicof the mounting: The wave rectification Necessary to power some devices requiring a constant current direction Examples: lamp, microwave, electrolyzer The current smoothing The safety jumper (supplied) allows to use the capacitor in parallel to the output of the diode bridge. It comes with a manual containing examples of manipulations.
Theme: human histology Electricity generation / AC and DC
Type of electrical component Capacitors
Type of electrical component On stand

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Caractéristiques techniques : Dimensions : 13,5 x 9 x 3 cm Masse : 150 g Douilles de sécurité ø 4 mm