Disk for large model Stroboscope

Disk large diameter 18 cm
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Data sheet Disk for large model Stroboscope


This device fitted with a large diameter disk, observable by the whole class facilitates the teacher's demonstration featuring the rotation speed measurement by stroboscopy. Obtaining a static apparent pattern identical to the original one allows to deduce the actual rotational frequency. This figure is obtained by trial by adjusting the frequency of your stroboscope flashes. 1 removable disk with 2 easily reversed faces is provided: - 1 face with a simple pattern (line) allows to measure the effective rotational speed - 1 disc side with complex patterns (principle used on record-players) highlights the apparent rotational movements in the real sense if Nstrobo Ndisc and inverse if Nstrobo Ndisc. The apparent speed will be more or less important depending on the gap between Nstrobo and Ndisque. In order to impress your students, a "hidden" Jeulin logo on this 2nd disc is split into 6 evenly spaced parts. Therefore by regulating a speed Nstrobo = 6 ˣ Ndisc or Ndisc/6, the Jeulin logo will appear.


Dimensions : ∅ 18 mm et profondeur = 100 mm
Vitesse de rotation : 0 à 8000 tours/min
Alimentation : 6 V max
Type of device Others
Type of experiment Rotation
Type of product Mécanique

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