DNA precipitation / staining kit

  • Easy precipitations through the purified DNA Economical: up to 25 extractions with 1 kit An immediate implementation without prior preparation Fast, without heating and safe green staining of methylVisible results in less than 15 minutes
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Data sheet DNA precipitation / staining kit


Principle The precipitation / staining kit have been specially developed to success definitely and inexpensively the DNA precipitation and staining. The kit allows to make 25 manipulations Extracting the DNA from the cell nuclei is never easy: the cytoplasmic and nuclear membranes must be lysed, the DNA must be dissolved in a suitable solvent, separate it from the lysat debris, protect it from the attack of nucleases that are still present in the cytoplasmic contents. This set allows you, from a DNA solution of salmon, to highlight the precipitation reaction, and to observe a macromolecule without encountering the difficulties of the previous steps. The addition of ethanol precipitates the DNA of which you can wrap the macromolecules on a glass stirrer. A proceeded and isolated macromolecule would certainly not be visible, but here the aggregated strands are perfectly visible.


- Solution d'ADN de saumon
- Solution d'acétate de sodium
- Vert de méthyle acétique : 125 mL

Livré avec une notice comportant le principe et le protocole de manipulation.
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