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Doppler effect is a well known physical phenomena used, for example, in radars domain. It's based on frequency shift measurement. This complete pack permits simple quantified experiments around this principle. It's made up of a motorized bench, a setting gearbox and, also, an emitter and an ultrasound receiver. Thanks to its single motorized systema, this bench make the carrier move at a constant and adjustable speed. Place face to face the ultrasound emitter and receiver.

The setting gearbox :
- permits to control the velocity (from 4 to 14 cm.s-1)
- permits to change the direction
- have a Doppler frequency shift output (the frequency shift equals to the difference between emitted and received frequencies).

So, it's easy to find the velocity using theoretical formulas. This value can be compared to one obtained by an other measurement device (optical gate or camera for examples). To go further, it's possible to make an anlogy to automotive radars. In this case, the emitter and the receiver are placed on the same side of the rail and a screen (provided) is put on the other side.


- 1 Doppler mechanical bench ref. 222 137
- 1 Doppler by ultrasound unit ref. 222 136
- 1 Moduson simple emitter ref. 222 006
- 1 Moduson receiver ref. 222 028
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