Educational pack (DVD-ROM) milk, yoghurt and dairy dessert

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Data sheet Educational pack (DVD-ROM) milk, yoghurt and dairy dessert


Studyinf the process milk processing into yogurt and the conservation methods involve a multidisciplinary approach where chemistry, life sciences, physics and mathematics are closely intertwined. This is why we have deepened the experimental activities tracks by entrusting this matter with teachers and by surrounding ourselves with a board of food professionals. We offer both an educational pack and the associated experimental equipment (find pages R51 to R65). What does the educational pack conatin?Resources for the teacher: scenarios tracks, protocols with PW sheets and indications for the evaluation. The scenario offers an original progression axis by placing the students in a project approach similar to that of a food industry Researches and developments laboratory. Students will have to share their experiments in order to improve or develop a new dairy dessert formulation. For each topic, the taste, appearance, texture and preservation are discussed as a problem to solve. Do all the yoghurt ferments have the same role?Are the taste and color perceptions linked? How can we measure a gelled dessert resistance?Which plastic for packaging? Resources for the student:The job information sheets and the reports produced within a yoghurt production unit provide a concrete insight on the extensiveguidance possibilities in the food industries.The activities are grouped into a single carrier that offers a multidisciplinary progression organized around: Milk and yogurt chemical physics- Milk and yogurt components,- Bacteria role. Research and Development- Aromas, - Colorants, - Texturing, - Sensory analysis, - Packaging.

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