Educational pack: Pigment and paint

  • Acquiring of scientific vocabularyDiscovering painting techniques Multidisciplinary activities
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Data sheet Educational pack: Pigment and paint


Since the dawn of humanity, man has always sought to leave a trace of his passage. This pigment and paint educational pack allows tracing back the efforts and means that man has acquired to achieve it (Lascaux, Chauvet cave ...). The activities are multi-disciplinary: - Life Sciences: Rocks origin, chlorophyll role ... - Chemistry: Pigmenst synthesis ... - Physics: Additive synthesis ... Each 1H30 workshop is introduced by a triggering situation, for example: - What is the different plants colors origin?- What texture should a painting have?The activities in the pack enable the student to acquire a scientific vocabulary.The proposed educational pack scripted about 15 activities and gives the whole a logical progression. However, it is possible to perform the topics independently or through another scenario. What does the educational pack contain?Professor sheet:These sheets have been developed to introduce the educational pack philosophy and give the issues of each of the following topics:1st topic: Pigments and paints- Natural pigment extractions.- Influence of pH and other factors on a color.- Pigment synthesis.2nd topic: Pigment mixture properties - oil- What texture?- Which oil? - The diluent and the load.The professor finds on these sheets a detailed list of products needed for the simplified activities implementation .Student sheet: It contains a summary of the issue that the student encounters. It is also a detailed guide to the various stages of the investigation to be conducted.