Electrical safety n°2 model: Protection of individuals

  • Protection of individuals Principle of earth and differential Role of insulators in an electrical installation Influence of soil type
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Data sheet Electrical safety n°2 model: Protection of individuals


Complementary set to the electrical safety model n°1 that allows to visualize the connection of a domestic electrical device in a residential installation and explain the role of differential simulating an electrical fault set (Machine Module carcass washing). The modules are supplied by 12 alternative V from the earthed socket. Soils are interchangeable and can be connected to earth. The model can be connected to the washing machine carcass to cause a current leakage in the circuit: a LED lights on the model and the differential is triggered when the current drops of more than 30 mA . To be completed by differently colored safety cordons.


- 1 module différentiel 30 mA. Dim. : 120 x 160 x 90 mm.
- 1 module machine à laver. Dim. : 90 x 135 x 35 mm.
- 1 mannequin. Dim. : 205 x 90 mm.
- 1 jeu de 3 sols isolants et conducteurs interchangeables. Dim. : 100 x 50 mm.
Theme: human histology Electrical safety

Other Specifications

Douilles diamètre 4 mm.