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Data sheet ELISA kit


As part of the new final year program on the adaptive immunity theme, ELISA kit features prominently among the possible activities to build concepts such as specificity of anitbodies in relation to the antigen, the formation of immune complex during the immune response or the HIV status. This kit contains all the equipment necessary for the construction of an ELISA test (Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay ). Immunoenzymatic common technique for the detection and dosing, the ELISA test is used to view an antigen-antibody with a colored reaction produced by the action of an enzyme which reacts to a chromogenic substrate. This enzyme (here peroxidase) is coupled with the tracer antibody (secondary antibody) which is capable of specifically binding to the primary antibody that is sought to be assayed. We may, in the latter case, contextualize the PW as part of seropositivity for HIV, the cause of AIDS

Each pair has its own bar, which wells are covered with BSA (bovine serum albumin) and performs the determination of an anti BSA rabbit antibody. By successive dilutions, the students carry out a standard range and can also dose the anitbodies concentration of an unknown solution The higher the antibody concentration, the more intense the coloration obtained

6 months


For 24 binomials
- 24 bars of 8 "lined" BSA wells (antigen)
- 2 bar supports
- 1 tube of immunized anti-BSA rabbit serum
- 1 tube of non-immunized rabbit serum
- 1 tube of secondary reactive antibodies coupled to 1 enzyme
- Tween Solution
- PBS 10x dilution buffer
- 1 enzyme substrate tube (TMB)
6 months storage (with freezer for serum and antibody)
Theme Immunology
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