"Emission spectrum" option for spectrophotometer EASYSPEC - SAFAS

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Data sheet "Emission spectrum" option for spectrophotometer EASYSPEC - SAFAS


With this option "emission spectrum", your EASYSPEC spectrophotometer can realize the energy emission spectrum from any light source: spectral lamps, incandescent or LED lamps, computer screen, etc ... An optical fiber of 1m is out of the spectrophotometer and can be placed in front of any light source, to allow the student draw very easily its emissivity spectrum on computer using the software SAFAS SP2000.The exploitation of the results is comprehensive, with the option of automatic search of peaks, multiple zoom, cursor, smoothing, combinations of curves, etc ... Once installed, this option cohabits with the tank carrier of the absorption spectra, without any assembly or disassembly. For all chemical applications, the spectrophotometer thus remains comprehensive, compact and robust, with a perfectly aligned internal source. Only the optical fiber is out of the device in order to be placed in front of an external light source IMPORTANT This option is available for purchasing new Easyspec spectrophotometers and requires the SP2000 software. It is mounted in the factory when ordered SPECIAL OFFER: an EASYSPEC PC pack is available to allow you to acquire all the equipment necessary at favorable prices (see related products). It can also be installed on SAFAS EASYSPEC spectrophotometers already delivered several years ago: price and feasibility, contact us.
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