Emissivity pack

Permet aux élèves de mettre en évidence la notion d'émissivité des matériaux et son influence sur la mesure de température par thermographie infrarouge.
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Data sheet Emissivity pack


Allows students to highlight the concept of emissivity of materials and its influence on the temperature measurement by infrared thermography. Various experiments are possible: - Comparison of the radiation between any material and a black body - Determination of the emissivity of an unknown material-Studying the impact of the surface finish to highlight the reflected temperature. Can be used on optical bench or stand supporting accessories on Ø 10 mm rod.


- Disques de matériaux (réf. 253 123)
- Support sur tige largeur 20 mm (réf. 202 449)
- Résistance chauffante (réf. 253 122)
- Support sur tige largeur 50 mm (réf. 202 448)
Theme: human histology Thermal radiation

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