EMJi 10T Multimeter


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Data sheet EMJi 10T Multimeter


Areas of different colors depending on the electrical quantities to be measured 2 000 points display and backlight function Measurement storing function Safety sockets compatible with all types of banana cords Ø 4 mm Diode and transistor test
AC Voltage range 200-500 V
Autoranging No
DC Current range 200 µA, 2-20-200 mA, 10 A
DC Voltage range 200 mV, 2-20-200-500
Dimensions 145 x 70 x 35 mm
Display 2000 points
Functions Frequencymeter, Manual range
Included Pointes de touche, sonde de température
Mass 200 g
Max. current (A) 10
Max. voltage 500
Measurement type Average value
Number of display points 2 000
Ohmmètre Cal. 200 Ω, 2-20-200 KΩ, 2 MΩ, test de continuité (buzzer)
Power supply Pile 9 V fournie
Safety standard Conforme à la norme EN 61010-1
Temperature measurement Yes
Température Cal. -20 à +750 °C