Culture Products

A complete range of culture media in dehydrated from, ready for use.
Jeulin offers a high quality guarantee, precise and complete specifications, reliable packaging and a delivery service that offers a very good price/quality ratio.

Jeulin's French expertise in chemistry is:
Products packaged and prepared on the Evreux site by a multidisciplinary team of specialists working in compliance with quality and safety standards to enable you to produce your TPs under the best conditions.
On each product, the presence of a precise, didactic and safety-compliant label.
The possibility to download the MSDS corresponding to the chemical product consulted.

  1. Adenine - Jeulin
    Adapté au TP sur ADE2
    €25.00 Incl. Tax

    €33.00 Incl. Tax

    Availability: In stock

  2. Peptone - Jeulin
    Faire de la culture in vitro
    €10.80 Incl. Tax

    Availability: In stock

  3. Tryptophan - Jeulin
    €30.50 Incl. Tax

    Availability: In stock

  4. Agar-Agar - Jeulin
    Starting at: €7.00 Incl. Tax
  5. Gélose nutritive - Jeulin
    Gélose nutritive
    Milieux déshydratés
    Starting at: €11.50 Incl. Tax