You are looking for raw materials for your biological Tp such as: organic ingredients, bacterial cultures, enzymes, plant extracts,... ask us!

Jeulin offers a high quality guarantee, precise and complete specifications, reliable packaging and a delivery service that offers a very good price/quality ratio.

Jeulin's French expertise in chemistry is:
Products packaged and prepared on the Evreux site by a multidisciplinary team of specialists working in compliance with quality and safety standards to enable you to produce your TPs under the best conditions.
On each product, the presence of a precise, didactic and safety-compliant label.
The possibility to download the MSDS corresponding to the chemical product consulted

  1. Pancreatin - Jeulin
    €10.60 Incl. Tax


  2. Pepsin powder 1:10000 NF - Jeulin
    Pepsin powder 1:10000 NF
    Gastric enzyme. – H334-H319-H315-H335 – P102 - P280 - P261 - – P305+P351+P338+P337+P313 - – P304+P341 - P302+P352 – CAS...
    €9.00 Incl. Tax


  3. Invertase - Jeulin
    Pour l'enzymologie en lycee
    €42.00 Incl. Tax