1. Tube feuille anglaise - Jeulin
    Tube feuille anglaise
    Idéal pour vos montages en verrerie – Très souple
    Starting at: €14.30 Incl. Tax
  2. Tuyau PVC cristal souple - Jeulin
    Starting at: €6.60 Incl. Tax
  3. Tuyau en silicone - Jeulin
    Tuyau en silicone
    Excellente résistance aux solvants et à la chaleur
    Starting at: €20.00 Incl. Tax
  4. Tubings for natural gas - Jeulin
    €10.90 Incl. Tax

    Availability: In stock

  5. 2-way stop valve - Jeulin
    2-way stop valve
    Specifications:Polyethylene stopcocks – with 6 mm way and polypropylene key.To be mounted on tubing with internal – diameter between 7 and...
    €2.50 Incl. Tax

    Availability: In stock

  6. Pinch clip - Jeulin
    Pinch clip
    Metallic clip with parallel blades and screw clamp for soft tubing and – burettes without tap.
    €2.80 Incl. Tax

    €3.12 Incl. Tax

    Availability: Replenishment in progress

  7. Flow blocking clamps for burettes and hoses (set of 6) - Jeulin
    €14.20 Incl. Tax

    Availability: In stock

  8. Raccords en polypropylène - Jeulin
    Raccords en polypropylène
    Différentes formes au choix : T, Y, L, droit – Autoclavable – Excellente résistance chimique
    Starting at: €0.42 Incl. Tax