1. Initio® AT colorimeter with filters - Jeulin
    Initio® AT colorimeter with filters
    Appareil à filtre – Lecture directe sur multimètre – Utilisable avec toutes les interfaces d'ExAO
  2. 1G-7 Colorimeter - Jeulin
    1G-7 Colorimeter
    Operates with 10 x 10 mm tank or 14 mm test tube. – May be used as a stand-alone measuring device or under Computer Assisted Experimentation. –...
  3. Filters colorimeter - Jeulin
    Filters colorimeter
    Ergonomic and easy to use Mode "chemical kinetics" Analog outputs and RS232
  4. Color® 1 colorimeter - Jeulin
    Color® 1 colorimeter
    Simple d'utilisation – Sorties analogiques