Initio® & Initio® 2 Range

The Initio range has been created by Jeulin to assist you in your academic work. Easy to use, these single-measuring instruments designed to capture the most common physical and chemical variables help students in their understanding of the principles of measurement. Initio evolve today and bring you new features for even easier operation. You can now find the measurements carried by Initio 2 on the mobile supports equipped with wifi (laptops, tablets and smarPWhones)!
  1. Air CO₂-meter Initio® - Jeulin
    Air CO₂-meter Initio®
    • Easy-to-use, – no calibration. – • The ideal complement – to the Initio® Air/Water oximeter
    €305.00 Excl. Tax €366.00 Incl. Tax
  2. Initio optical oximeter® 2 - Jeulin
    Initio optical oximeter® 2
    Un gain de temps au laboratoire : pas d'électrolyte, de membrane et d'étalonnage systématique – Fonctionne dans l'air et dans l'eau – Compatible...
    €600.00 Excl. Tax €720.00 Incl. Tax
  3. Motion module for electronic stepped pulley - Jeulin
    €54.17 Excl. Tax €65.00 Incl. Tax

    €126.00 Incl. Tax