Thermal Energy

Toutes les maquettes pour aborder la notion d'énergie thermique, les changements d'états, les transferts thermiques.
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  1. Bench for measuring thermal resistance - Jeulin
    Bench for measuring thermal resistance
    • Direct graphic reading of the stationary rate – • Parameter validation by the student (thickness, surface) – • Automatic temperature regulation
  2. Dewar calorimeter - Jeulin
    Dewar calorimeter
    • Complete, with cover, stirrer and immersible resistances – • Negligible thermal loss – • Robust
  3. Alcohol pyrometer - Jeulin
    Alcohol pyrometer
    Gear based system, that increases the movement – of the needle when the rod is extended.
  4. Calorimeter small model - Jeulin
    Calorimeter small model
    • Study on heat capacities – • Study of Joule's law – • Transparent cover to watch – experiments
  5. Infrared benchtest - Jeulin
    Infrared benchtest
    Complete and ready to use Compatible thermal cameras and infrared thermometers
  6. Thermal energy transfer kit - Jeulin
    Thermal energy transfer kit
    • Study of three parameters: conduction, radiation and thermal resistance – • Simple implementation – • Usable with datalogging tools or with...
  7. Rods for experiments in thermal conductivity - Jeulin
    Rods for experiments in thermal conductivity
    Allows the easy study of the difference in heat – conduction of different materials such as aluminium, – iron, copper, brass, lead and zinc....
  8. Lid with stirrer - Jeulin
    Lid with stirrer
    Unbreakable plastic lid equipped with an aluminium stirrer and a – Ø 39 mm circular slit (sealable).
  9. Resistance support + set of 3 resistances - Jeulin
  10. Support fot thermal camera - Jeulin
    Support fot thermal camera
    Accepte la plupart des caméras thermiques ou thermomètres infrarouge de forme « pistolet ». Assure leur maintient sur un banc d'optique.
  11. Spatial resolution accessory on rod - Jeulin
    Spatial resolution accessory on rod
    Permet la mise en évidence de la résolution spatiale de la caméra par mesure au travers d'une fente réglable.
  12. Convection of warm currents - Jeulin
    Convection of warm currents
    It is possible to use a few crystals of potassium – permanganate to follow the convection – current. – Quality: borosilicate glass....
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