Mechanical Waves

Toutes nos solutions pour étudier les ondes progressives et les ondes stationnaires comme le vibreur de Melde, la cuve à ondes.
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  1. Students' ripple tank - Jeulin
    Students' ripple tank
    Economical and compact – Waves visible in full daylight – Stroboscope and wave generator included
  2. Melde's apparatus with diaphragm - Jeulin
    Melde's apparatus with diaphragm
    Guaranteed results – Variable excitation frequency – Oscillating rod with tightening screw – Protection against incorrect connection
  3. Kundt's tube with analog output - Jeulin
    Kundt's tube with analog output
    Study of stationary waves – Recording the raw signal and the envelope curve – Use with an oscilloscope or datalogging tools
  4. LED 8 ripple tank - Jeulin
    LED 8 ripple tank
    Complete set – LED stroboscope – Adjustable signal amplitude – Easy storage – Carrying handle
  5. Banana adapter - power plug - Jeulin
    Banana adapter - power plug
    Permet de relier l'alimentation Évolio F3-12 / 1 A à la maquette sismique et température
  6. Melde's apparatus - Jeulin
    Melde's apparatus
    Study of the longitudinal vibration of a spring or transversal vibration of a chord – Mains power supply
  7. Chladni plates (pack of 2) - Jeulin
    Chladni plates (pack of 2)
    Easy to set up – Concept of spatial wavelength – Observation and direct measurement of wavelengths
  8. Bench for studying a sound waves - Jeulin
  9. Seismic and temperature model - Jeulin
    Seismic and temperature model
    • One button simultaneously triggers the shockwave and seismograph – • Easy to set up
  10. Student waves tank - Jeulin
    Student waves tank
    Économique et compacte – Ondes visibles en plein jour – Stroboscope et générateur d'ondes inclus
  11. Thin cord made of braided nylon 10 m - Jeulin
    Thin cord made of braided nylon 10 m
    Spécialement conçu pour les TP de mécanique
  12. Large extension - Jeulin
    Large extension
    Filmed experience: The use of the spring with a webcam and the Cineris software allows to visualize and measure the movement speed of a deformation...
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