Oscillating Systems

Nos offres modluaires permettant de mettre en oeuvre pendules simples, pendules pesant, pendule à oscillations forçées.
  1. Pendulum and weight pendulum set for Foxy® - Jeulin
    Pendulum and weight pendulum set for Foxy®
    Mesures informatisées d'une grande précision – Compatible Foxy®, Tooxy®, AirNeXT® – Accès direct aux résultats
  2. Pendulum with variable parameters - Jeulin
    Pendulum with variable parameters
    The string can be selectively fixed – String length adjustable – Angles can be easily read – Delivered with 3 masses of the same of...
  3. System for hanging the mass - Jeulin
    System for hanging the mass
    Consumable for pendulum with variable parameters ref. 222 033. Small tuge for attaching the mass to be suspended on the end of the wire.
  4. Weight or double pendulum - Jeulin
    Weight or double pendulum
    This set allows creating a weight pendulum which mass slides on a bar to adjust its position. A second bar and a spring implement coupled pendulums.
  5. Pendulums support kit - Jeulin
    Pendulums support kit
    Throle of this kit is to hold the 3 following pendulums: - Simple pendulum ref. 222 072- Double pendulum ref. 222 070 -Spring pendulum ref. 222 071