Retrouvez les produits pour réaliser des TP de statique des forces, de moment d'une force et d'un couple de force.
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  1. Magnetic stand for circular dynamometer - Jeulin
  2. Plumb line - Jeulin
    Plumb line
    Ideal for studying the centre of gravity, together with an indeterminate shape, for example.
  3. Model on base - Jeulin
    Model on base
    High-quality ball bearing
  4. Magnet-Meca pulleys - Jeulin
  5. Pulley on rod - Jeulin
    Pulley on rod
    High-quality ball bearing
  6. Adhesive magnetic bands - Jeulin
    Adhesive magnetic bands
    Ingenious – Multi-function – Scored
  7. Magnetic stand for linear dynamometers - Jeulin
    Magnetic stand for linear dynamometers
    Very powerful magnetic support – Rotating axis – Fastened with a clip
  8. Bosshead with suspension hook - Jeulin
    Bosshead with suspension hook
    Hook equipped with a nut for fixing it on the laboratory stand. – Convenient for hanging the springs or the dynamometers.
  9. Mass tray - Jeulin
    Mass tray
    Made of stainless steel
  10. Dynamometer stickers - Jeulin
    Dynamometer stickers
    Set of 4 transparent precut self-adhesive – labels.These graduated labels have to be sticked on a 10 N dynamometer (ref. – 322 050).
  11. Anti-slip sole - Jeulin
    Anti-slip sole
    Non-slip fasteners – Allows use of heavier weights
  12. Support magnet-méca - Jeulin
    Support magnet-méca
    Supporte de lourdes charges – Semelle caoutchouc anti frottement – Visible de loin
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