Forces & Moments

Nos ensembles complets pour étudier les notions de forces et aboutir à l'étude du moment d'un force et d'un moment d'un couple de forces.
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  1. Study of moments set - Jeulin
    Study of moments set
    Usable on a metal boardForces applicable in all directions using masses
  2. Springs 5/10/20/40 N - Jeulin
    Springs 5/10/20/40 N
    Easy visualisation thanks to the color code
  3. Extension of a spring - Jeulin
    Extension of a spring
    Simple apparatus with direct reading – Good stability
  4. Forces and moments set - Jeulin
  5. Balancer on magnetic holder - Jeulin
    Balancer on magnetic holder
    Support magnétique puissantTige rotative munie de 15 trous
  6. Centre of gravity model - Jeulin
    Centre of gravity model
    This model allows to find a flat body's center of gravity. – 5 geometric shapes are proposed. – An openwork ruler allows you to directly...
  7. Moments of forces - Jeulin
    Moments of forces
    Complete model ready to use – Forces applicable in all directions – Forces exerted by the masses or the supplied dynamometers – Easy...
  8. 3-D support base model - Jeulin
    3-D support base model
    Demonstrates the support polygon for a malleable solid body – Malleable in 3 dimensions
  9. Pack of 3 hoists - Jeulin
    Pack of 3 hoists
    Comparative approach to 3 configurations of hoists – Easy and quick assembly – Possible to take measurements with dynamometer or datalogging...
  10. Forces study set - Jeulin
    Forces study set
    1 réglet aluminium, L = 400 mm percé de trous équidistants ; – 3 axes sur aimants ; – 1 fil à plomb (à monter) ; – 1 sachet de 10...
  11. Apparatus for the study of forces - Jeulin
    Apparatus for the study of forces
    Direct display of force lines – Experiment can be performed by each student
  12. Moment accessory for Force sesnor - Jeulin
    Moment accessory for Force sesnor
    The student puts hook masses along the bar and determines a force moment depending on the distance.Therefore, he highlights the principle and interest...
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