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  1. PW: series / parallel circuits - Jeulin
    PW: series / parallel circuits
    Electrical components can be connected in 2 ways: series or parralel. This exercise allows the student to examine the properties of both kinds of circuits.
  2. PW: RLC resonance circuit - Jeulin
    PW: RLC resonance circuit
    The aim of this practical exercise is to measure the response, in intensity, of an RLC series circuit subject to the sine wave voltage of a function generator....
  3. PW: Ohm's law - Jeulin
    PW: Ohm's law
    Experiment to demonstrate the relationship between the voltage (U) at the terminals of an ohmic conductor, its resistance (R) and the intensity (I) of...
  4. PW: study of charging a capacitor at constant-voltage - Jeulin
    PW: study of charging a capacitor at constant-voltage
    When the capacitor is charging, the voltage at its terminals increases more or less rapidly to reach the value of the voltage imposed by the constant-voltage...
  5. PW: water phase change - Jeulin
    PW: water phase change
    Water can exist in 3 different states: Solid, Liquid and Gas. We encounter all 3 in our day to day lives. The mini-freezer is a simple and easy to use...
  6. PW: Boyle's law - Jeulin
    PW: Boyle's law
    Using a simple equipment, repeat the discovery made in the 17th century by Robert Boyle and Edme Mariotte, ascertaining that P x V = cste. The Boyle-Mariotte...
  7. PW: Hooke's law - Jeulin
    PW: Hooke's law
    A spring subject to no force has a certain length, that we define as no-load or length at rest ℓ0. If we apply a force of intensity F to it, it extends...
  8. PW: free fall - Jeulin
    PW: free fall
    Teach your students about the existence of gravity. This practical exercise provides an introduction to the concepts of position and speed.
  9. PW: speed of sound in air - Jeulin
    PW: speed of sound in air
    Easily measure the speed of sound in air using two sound sensors. The software's dedicated module provides quick and easy results. The student generates...
  10. PW: study of an oscillator - Jeulin
    PW: study of an oscillator
    By using the pendulum associated to an electronic stepped pulley and an Angle sensor, it is possible to record the variation in the value of the angle...
  11. PW: magnetic field in a solenoid - Jeulin
    PW: magnetic field in a solenoid
    The student observes the changes in the magnetic field by moving the teslameter's probe within the solenoid.
  12. PW: spectral analysis of a signal - Jeulin
    PW: spectral analysis of a signal
    Construct a complex signal from simple signals using Spectrasons®. The software's dedicated application can quickly perform spectral analysis without...
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