Free software

  1. Redy software - Jeulin
    Redy software
    The intuitive and comprehensive software allows carrying out PWs easily, exploit the educational content, modify the display, process the data, carry...
  2. Groomy SysML software - Jeulin
    Groomy SysML software
    Software based on SysML standard – Create programs using icos (drag & drop) – Intuitive configuration and assignment of sensors/actuators
  3. Groomy Capture software - Jeulin
    Groomy Capture software
    Data acquisition software for Groomy – Moonitor all Groomy inputs/outputs in real time
  4. Groomy Manager Software - Jeulin
    Groomy Manager Software
    Groomy Manager is a utility that will be used as a router to identify and connect the selected Groomy interface among the Groomy devices connected to...
  5. Initio 2 software - Jeulin
    Initio 2 software
    This software allows you to upload data from your Initio 2 device to your computer. – – How to use it: – – - upload your file...
  6. Logiciel d'acquisition pour caméra didactique - Jeulin
    Logiciel d'acquisition pour caméra didactique
    Ce logiciel est une version de Cinéris spécialement adaptée pour l'utilisation de la caméra didactique réf. 577 010.
  7. Programs for Groomy models - Jeulin
    Programs for Groomy models
    Discover all our programs for Groomy models
  8. Initio® 2 update v161028 - Jeulin