Ergonomic chair Opti + Move

Provides comfort and supportGreen designEasy to move thanks to the integrated handle Can be placed on the table without damaging it
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Data sheet Ergonomic chair Opti + Move


The Opti + chair is designed to allow the students' body movements in the seated position. The seat shell uniquely combines support and flexibility. This model can be used as a comfortable chair for resting the legs or the thighs back against the waterfall shaped edge. Five integrated flex points allow movements smoothly and avoid the painful spikes that we eventually feel when sitting on a hard seat (dynamic back, active angles, lumbar support, waterfall shaped edge, hull made by blowing).Designed taking into account the life cycle, Opti + products use the simplest materials. The shell is made of recyclable polypropylene while the frame is made of steel. The attachment without recyclable screws is safe and sustainable, thus limiting the number of materials used. Anti-tilt pads firmly hold the chassis to the ground for the users' safety. Easy to move thanks to the integrated handle. Designed to be placed on the classroom table top without damaging or scratch it. Textured stripe integrated into the seat for comfort.


Hauteur de l'assise : 60 cm
Largeur de la coque : 40 cm
Piétement Gris. Coque : Graphite.
Repose-pieds intégré.
Autres coloris disponibles, nous consulter.
Type of product Mobilier - sécurité

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