Experimental river model for teaching


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Data sheet Experimental river model for teaching


This model (patent pending) molding a river bed with meanders, banks, slopes of a valley and affluent valley, helps explain the formation of alluvial shapes found in nature - processes and forms of erosion, sandy micro-cliff, asymmetry concave shore/convex shore, erosion of a shoal, a meander ... - transport of alluvium, transport speed, differences in behavior of materials ... - deposition of materials, formation of sand banks, backwater, meander, settling in a water body lake or delta type... - evolution of sedimentary processes and figures based on the variation the slope, the terrain shape, the flow of water, the nature and quantity of materials.


- Une maquette en relief
- Une cale de bois permettant de faire varier l'inclinaison de la maquette
- Un tube d'alimentation de 2 m en PVC souple et son clip de fixation

Dimensions : 145 x 45 cm
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