Extension of a spring


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Data sheet Extension of a spring


- 1 square-section column support made of nickelplated
steel 500 x 16 x 16 mm, scale printed to the millimetre, double index for accurate reading (the cursor slides along the support and sticks using a magnet: easy and accurate positioning),
- 1 cast iron stand, epoxy paint,
- 1 set of 3 different springs with non-contiguous turns,
- 1 mass tray with clamp.
Compatible with data logging No
Notion in statics Force
Type of product Mécanique

Other Specifications


square column (500 x 16 x 16 mm), graduated scale (in mm).
Double index
enabling a precise reading.
Cast iron T-stand, epoxy paint.
sliding along the bracket, sticked by magnet.
Supplied with a set of 3 different non-jointed-spire springs
and a mass carrier plate, with stirrups.